Hello! My name is Michelle Parent and I am a Graphic Designer based in Portland, OR. I am drawn toward motion, experience, and brand design. I love exploring new ideas and being a forward thinker.

Centered Chiropractic

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Centered Chiropractic came to us to modernize their web presence and create an advanced user product that functions as a portal for their chiropractic care.

Centered plans on franchising and would like to invest in an equitable product that can be leveraged across all branches. This way clients can simply receive care from any Centered location without needing to re-register themselves as patients.

Challenge: The brand was bought from the previous owners under the name Elite Chiropractic. Since Elite Chiropractic was already an established brand, with an older clientele, we needed to introduce Centered Chiropractic to the market in a modern way that adapts with older clients’ needs.

Brand Insight
It was important for Centered Chiropractic to rise above the traditional look of many chiropractic practices around the US.

The other goals for this collaboration were as follows:

Branding Goal 1: Modernize the look and feel of the brand to fit with the new name and attract a younger demographic while still catering to the current, older but faithful, clientele.

Branding Goal 2: Promote a different outlook on chiropractics by avoiding any language that references ‘quick fixes’ and instead promotes messaging along the lines of, ‘Healing is a verb—not a quick fix.’.

Branding Goal 3: Create an online experience that allows prospective clients to easily learn about chiropractics, meet the team, and book appointments.

To further give meaning to Centered's branding a story was constructed to encompass the journey one takes to become a Centered patient.
The hexagonal shape was introduce to the mark to evoke a structured contrast to the circles. It also allows the brand mark to take on its own identity separate from the symbolism associated with sacred geometry.

The resulting logo package is modern, elegant, but also a bit light-hearted. The expanding line-weights exploding from the center radiate and active feel. There is both a soft and hard aspect to the final form which lends to Centered's approach to healing.

To pair with the line-weight variations in the graphic, a custom typography was constructed to anchor the mark:

Type Palette

The complimenting typefaces were selected to carry the fluidity of the wordmark throughout the entire brand.

Color Palette

The emphasis on nature was carried through to the color palette. The four elements of nature were a direct inspiration as they come together to create a whole — Earth.

Branded Elements

Shapes such as circles, hexagons, and any step in the See of Life formation, are approved graphics. The atmosphere to flora solid gradient, as well as varying gradient burst, are approved as background accents.

Print Collateral
Stationery is designed with un-refined paper and letterpressed ink. An organic paper was the optimal choice to reiterate the brands alignment with nature.

Letterpress was chosen as the printing method to add a sensory effect to the brand's physical take-aways. Adding a tactile sensation makes marketing collateral more memorable. It is a subtle way to stay at the forefront of a client's brain.

Apparel Design
Tees and sweatshirts were designed to be both merch and employee shirts. The designs were to be something that people actually wanted to wear and were more than just a logo slapped on a tee.

UX Research
Foundational Research

Research Goal 1:
How do we design a chiropractic care portal for a wide range of users, people ages 18-65, that is easy to use?

Research Goal 2: What features do users need to have in order to have agency over their appointments?

Research Goal 3: What features would users like to have control over for their chiropractic health?
Characteristics of Participants

* All participants
have to have visited a health clinic within the last two years.
* All participants
have to live in North Carolina
* All participants
must have a sustained or chronic pain or injury
* 5 participants
must have experienced chiropractic care
* 5 participants
must have not experienced chiropractic care but know about it
* Most participants
must be younger than 40
* At least 6 participants
must be older than 40
Goal Statment

The Centered Client Portal will let users manage their path to recovery from beginning to end on their own terms. This will effect people who suffer with chronic or recurring pain by allowing them to find solutions to their problems quickly without breaking their banks.

User Experience
Information Architecture

User Interface

Web Palette

The three brand colors deep sea (used 25% of the time), atmosphere (used 10% of the time), and the gradient (used 5% of the time). The most used color, lime wash (used 60% of the time), was added in as aUI color.

Design System

Buttons and CTAs were created to be subtle and not pushy. They sit next to regular text only slightly bolder.

Every link leading to the brand's philosophy is highlighted with a 'Red Rocks' colored dot.

Visual Design
Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Prototype
My contributions include:
Art Direction
Print Marketing
Web Design
Apparel Design