Hello! My name is Michelle Parent and I am a Graphic Designer based in Portland, OR. I am drawn toward motion, experience, and brand design. I love exploring new ideas and being a forward thinker.

Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery

The Brief
Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery teamed up with us (Wink Digital) for a complete overhaul of their website. As industry leaders, they required a site that compliments their practice’s contemporary approach to bariatric surgery. 

This project involved: User-flow, copywriting, web design, development, photography, videography, timeline management & coordination, SEO.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Goal
Equip Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery with a bespoke website, while catering to their demographic, containing seamless functionality and a modern appearance across 300 pages of content. This site would also contain the necessary framework to provide longevity as DCBS evolves.
Needs for the updated website:

Modern, Yet Timeless Design

Search Functionality

Top-Tier SEO

User-Friendly Flow To Appointment Booking

Highlight Patient Experience

BMI Calculator

Before working with any of our clients, we gather info on their industry. Once we are confidently collaborating with a client we dive even deeper into research. We develop user personas to frame our approach.
User Profile:

Patients who will be using the DCBS site: May have comorbidities, have a support system to help with before and after, currently undergoing a physician-supervised weight loss plan, live in the Denver metro area, are either insured or are financially well-off, and are not highly concerned about surgical complications.
The final UI kit veered DCBS away from cold, stagnant, and impersonal branding many people associate with the medical industry and toward a warmer, more engaging direction. We also re-wrote all copy with the end goal of prioritizing the site’s existing keyword rankings combined with thorough keyword research. The content also prioritized creating a personal connection with anyone considering bariatric surgery by empowering them with knowledge and using slightly more emotive language. The end result was a sleek, high-performing site that is easy to navigate and enjoyable to interact with.
My contributions include:
User Research & Testing
Information Architecture
Visual Design