Hello! My name is Michelle Parent and I am a Graphic Designer based in Portland, OR. I am drawn toward motion, experience, and brand design. I love exploring new ideas and being a forward thinker.

Feelings* Web App

The Goal
Feeling is a online reference platform that helps humans decipher the array of emotions that course through our daily experience.

“According to statistics, 20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem. Additionally, 70% of children and teens get no help with their mental health problems at a sufficiently early age.” RTOR

The barrier to learning in the United States is costly. Due to the lack of wealth and education distribution within the US, the majority of the population is missed when it comes to learning the importance of mental health. In a world where mental health is at the forefront of mainstream concern, it is imperative that psychological health is accessible to all and not just for the formally educated.

The goal was to create an app that maintained visual equilibrium while providing a quick and simple reference to sort through the nuanced emotions of the human existence.
Feelings* serves a platter of knowledge and offers tools for internal reflection.

Functions include:

* Emotions & Mood Glossary: This is for users who really like to deep dive. Here users can surf various categories of emotion, and explore the subtleties of each emotion.

* Personality Test: Other users who want a quick wave of gratitude can partake in the personality test. Here users can click through a questionnaire that dives them deeper and deeper toward identifying their exact emotion they are experiencing.

* Collective Feelings Journal: Using feeds from top social media sites, if a user hashtags a feeling, there sentiment will appear live on the feed. This is in efforts to dismantle vulnerability when it comes to expressing yourself.

The UI is minimal and black and white with pops of ‘aura’. The ‘auras’ are reminiscent of what the human eyes see when we close our eyes. This visually symbolizes the act of looking internally.

“When you close your eyes, you may be able to “see” colors, shapes, and light. Some of the images may also move or create a swirling effect.” Heathline

Maintenance for Feelings* is supported through the promotional apparel line. Apparel is both a way of funding the app as well as a marketing technique. This is a low impact form of marketing that alleviates brand burnout.
My contributions include:
UX/UI Design
Product Design
Apparel Design