Hello! My name is Michelle Parent and I am a Graphic Designer based in Portland, OR. I am drawn toward motion, experience, and brand design. I love exploring new ideas and being a forward thinker.


The Goal
Metalicious came to us (Wink Digital) in need of an updated website that could compete with the biggest online jewelry retailers.

Their previous site was overwhelmingly feminine, and the Metalicious team wanted to pivot to appeal to people of all genders and ages.

The main goal was to harmonize the brand's image with the quality of their jewelry. They also wanted to emphasize their eco-friendly practices when it comes to sourcing their raw materials, gemstones, and packaging.
Metalicous’ new website brings harmony to their brand visuals and their mission. The fresh new look boasts a soft gender neutral blue, elements of ripped paper, and a sophisticated serif font.

The use of soft and muted color throughout the photography helps the jewelry stand out and POP! The user flow is a simple straightforward shopping experience that could go head to head with competitors.

Advanced shop features:
* Call-out tags that appear on products that Metalicious wants to sell
* An AI product recommendation feed
* Previously viewed feed

Metalicious has full CMS control over customizing their online stock. Their website has become a helpful tool rather than a burden.
My contribitions include
User Research
Design System
Information Architecture
Design System
Visual Design
Photo Production
Photo Editing
Art Direction