Hello! My name is Michelle Parent and I am a Graphic Designer based in Portland, OR. I am drawn toward motion, experience, and brand design. I love exploring new ideas and being a forward thinker.

Yomassage Branding

The Goal
Yomassage is a combination yoga-massage studio with lofty dreams.

When Yomassage first collaborated with me (through the marketing agency Wink Digital), the studio was in its infancy. At the time there was a handful of instructors practicing, and their biggest worry was standing out from the various yoga studios around Portland. Not only did they desire to uplift their presence, but they also wanted the solidify a brand identity that could carry them into the future. I collaborated with the two owners, Katherine and Tiffany, to establish a brand identity and brand assets that speak to their mission and demographic.

At the heart of Yomassage is the desire to bring therapeutic touch to everyone, and this sentiment is echoed in their tagline: “Touch. Stretch. Breathe.”. Their brand is accessible, welcoming, and warm. It was important to me to create a brand identity that spoke to their practice as well as their innovation within the physical health space.
No amount of aesthetic research can replace the importance of analytical research. When constructing this updated brand identity I wanted to establish unity between their mission and their visuals. 

When creating a brand I always present the client with 3 concepts that could take them down three different paths. The owners really favored a simplistic approach to rival the cluttered logos of their competitors and, “Touch. Stretch. Breathe.”, became the backbone of the brand identity.

The three values are displayed in the mark through three swift lines encompassing a circle of negative space where the wordmark is nested. The three lines interact organically for the secondary logo and create a unique emblem with their forms.
Final Logo Set
Yomassage’s new brand identity was just what they needed to propel them nationwide.

The Yomassage is now practiced all around the US and is growing exponentially. We have continuously collaborated with Yomassage to create various branded assets. This relationship between Yomassage and Wink Digital has continued for over 3 years.
My contributions include:
Apparel Design
Layout Design
Experience Design
Print Design
Brand Pattern